about us

Our Vision

Excellence in charitable work and leadership in education and advocacy through institutional partnerships and integration.

Our Mission

A Kuwaiti charitable association that contributes to the building and development of needy communities through educational and advocacy programs and projects by enhancing communication with supporters and beneficiaries, and by optimizing the use of human and financial resources.

Our Values

Team spirit
Comprehensive quality
Institutional partnership
Innovation and development
Communication and compassion
Transparency and trust

Directors Board

Mr. Jamal Abdul Khaliq Abdullah Al-Nouri
Chairman of the Board
Dr. Abdulmohsen Abdullah Al-Jarahallah
Vice Chairman of the Board
Mr. Abdullah Nader Abdulaziz Al-Nouri
Mr. Mahmoud Abdul Khaliq Abdullah Al-Nouri
Sheikh Dr. Naif Mohammed Hajjaj Al-Ajmi
Board Member
Sheikh Dr. Khaled Mazkur Abdullah Al-Mazkur
Board Member
Ms. Shatha Hussein Al-Mushari
Board Member

Word from the Chairman of the Board - Mr. Jamal Abdul Khaliq Al-Nouri

Since the establishment of the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charitable Association, it has placed the service and empowerment of humanity at the forefront of its priorities. Its humanitarian and developmental programs have traversed countries, seeking out the poor, needy, and those afflicted by hardship. The Association's continuous efforts have reached the depths of remote villages, illuminating the lives of the needy, instilling hope in the hearts of the displaced, and undertaking the responsibility of leading people from the depths of adversity to the realm of dignified life. By the grace of God and the support of generous benefactors, the Association has raised the banner of Kuwaiti generosity in the arena of humanitarian giving, diversifying its charitable work and humanitarian aid that have touched various aspects of life, including relief and medical convoys, as well as educational, student, and advocacy projects. The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association has accompanied many orphans worldwide with projects for their sponsorship and care, revitalizing barren lands with water wells that restore life and spread goodness far and wide. We have been with humanity wherever it may be, and we remain so, hopeful of reward and recompense from Allah the Almighty, aspiring to be among those mentioned in the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): "Indeed, there are people whom Allah has appointed to fulfill the needs of others, and Allah has made them fond of goodness and people fond of them. They are secure from Allah's punishment on the Day of Resurrection."

Word from the General Manager - Walid Mishari Al-Saif

Since its inception in 1981, the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charitable Association has aimed to reach the poor and needy everywhere, providing them with necessary assistance. Through its support, it seeks to feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, bring joy to the deprived and displaced people across the globe, and meet the primary needs in areas of education, food, health, and advocacy for thousands of needy people on several continents around the world. The Association works to foster a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation, serving as a bridge of goodness between Kuwait and various parts of the world, aiming to uphold deep humanitarian values through the conduit of charity between the generous donor and the needy. Through the grace of God and the efforts of those with white hands, the Association has been able to build mosques for worship and dig wells to quench thirst, sponsor orphaned children without providers, and build schools where the children of the poor and needy learn. The Association, as it has pledged, strives to be worthy of your trust through its work characterized by transparency, integrity, and a good reputation. It invites you to reap the fruits of your generosity, presents its achievements before you, and encourages you to continue supporting its projects and programs. And Allah is the Bestower of success, and He guides the way (and may Allah increase your goodness, O people of Kuwait).




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